Detailed Guide of Corbett National Park

There are many national parks in India and one of the oldest national park is Jim Corbett national park named after Jim Corbett a Colonel of British Indian Army and established in 1936.

The park has an abundance of flora and fauna and you can get the sight of tigers, deers, elephants and so many other animals.

Many Bollywood movies are shot in this park like Kaal and it is honoured as the place where Project Tiger was launched. This is the first place to be associated to protect the endangered species of animals in India with the launch of Project Tiger.

Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park Tour 

The area of Corbett national park is around 520 square kilometres and comprises of river in belts,grasslands, ,hills and thick flora  fauna . The exciting part is that you can stay overnight in the lap of the National park. 

Corbett Jeep Safari Tour

There are many safari zones where tourists can visit the jungle and have a sight of animals.

Basically there are five zones in the Corbett National Park

Bijrani Safari Zone : Bijrani Zone is a very popular tourist’s hub because of its abundant natural beauty and open grasslands. The entry gate of the zone is located at only 01 Km from Ramnagar city.

Jhirna Safari Zone : Jhirna is another important tourist zone in the Jim Corbett National park that is open for tourist round the year. Jhirna Gate is located at 16 km from Ramnagar city.

Dhela Safari Zone : Dhela is a new eco tourism zone in Corbett National Park included in tiger reserve zone in November 2014. This is the only area in the reserve’s buffer zone open to tourists in CTR. The zone is retaining the attention of large number of tourist because of its wealthy flora and fauna, open throughout the year, located at an approximate distance of 13 Km from Ramnagar City.

Dhikala Zone : Being the largest and most varied zone in Corbett, Dhikala is famous for its abundant natural beauty as well as offering the best sight for exotic fauna. The entry gate is 18 km away from Ramnagar city. Night stay inside the Dhikala Tourism Zone is highly recommended for the hard core wildlife enthusiasts.

Durga Devi Zone : Located on the north-eastern boundary of the Jim Corbett National Park, Durga Devi zone is the heaven on planet earth for those who are fond of bird watching. Entry gate is located at an approximate distance of 36 km from Ramnagar city.

Sitabani Buffer Zone : Sitabani Zone doesn’t fall under the Corbett Tiger Reserve area. If you are fond of serene ambiance of the natural beauty, must visit Sitabani area.

Types of Safaris

  1. Jeep Safari

Among all the safari options in Jim Corbett Park, jeep safaris are the most popular. Conducted twice in a day, these safaris are allowed throughout all the buffer zones of the park and allotted in a group of 25-30 jeeps at a time; depending on the zone. Compared to the canters, as these vehicles are smaller in size, they take you some of the core areas that are inaccessible by the canters. Though smaller in size, they promise you an extremely enthralling and exciting jungle or wildlife safari within the park.

jim corbett jeep safari

With the jeep safaris, you can also embark on exciting sightseeing tours around the park. Sitabani Buffer Zone that do not come under the recommended buffer zones of the park, is also one of the most popular sites for jeep safaris. Owing to its tranquil and serene ambience, visitors can make it this zone and spend some of the pleasant and blissful moments with the Mother Nature in Sitabani.


Summers: Like the canter safaris, jeep safaris during the summer starts at around 06:00 in the morning and continues till 09:00 in the morning. The next batch of jeeps is allowed into the jungles between 03:00 – 06:00 PM.

Winters: Keeping in mind about the visibility constraint during the winters, the first batch of jeeps are allowed between 07:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Following this, the second batch starts at around 02:00 PM and continues till 05:00 in the evening.

Zones:  Jeep safaris are allowed to all the four different zones of the park. However, the number of jeeps allowed might vary according to the Forest Permit.

NOTE: Since the number of jeeps permitted varies according to the zones, it is advisable to book the safaris well in advance; 30 days is the suggested time frame.

  1. Canter Safari

Conducted and operated only by the forest officials, canter safaris are yet another exciting way to delve deep into the wilderness of Jim Corbett Park! Operated twice in a day, usually open-roof canters with a seating capacity of 16-18 members are used for this purpose.

jim corbett national park tour

For a larger group of visitors, canter safaris are the most ideal ways to enjoy wildlife safaris. Also, as the vehicles assures maximum safety to the passengers, visitors of almost all age groups can enjoy these rides; however, minors must be accompanied with an adult during the safaris.

The safaris usually lasts for around 5 hours and takes the passengers to some of the most popular sites for wildlife spotting and as the vehicles are open, they promises you the most fascinating experience of the wild! Also, since only 4 canters are allowed at a time, it is advisable to book the safari well in advance.


Summer: As summers offer much clear views, the first batch of safari starts at around 05:30 in the morning and continues till 12:30 in the noon. Post this, the second batch starts at around 12:20 in the noon and winds up by 06:30 in the evening.

Winters: Safaris during the winters start by around 06:00 in the morning and closes down by around 11:00. The last batch of canter is allowed into the forests between 11:00AM to 04:00PM only.

Zones: Among all the four buffer zones, only Dhikala Zone is open for canter safaris.

NOTE: Since the safaris are carried out in eco-friendly zone, visitors should carry a disposable bag to carry back their leftovers and leave no trace within the park. Also, alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are strictly not allowed during the safaris.

  1. Elephant Safari

Spotting some of the deadly predators along with other playful dwellers of the park has its own charm and cannot be missed at any cost! But again, if this exciting activity can be done while sitting on the back of a giant yet gentle mammal of the park, the fun and excitement will surely become double!

Elephant safari in Jim Corbett is one of the most exciting and fun frolic things to do. One of the most sought after safari options in the park, elephant safari not only allows you the closest encounter with the fascinating charm and the inhabitants of the jungles, but also takes you to some of the core areas that are almost impossible to access with jeeps or open canters.

In addition, these safaris ensures a perfect eco-tour within the park which in turn contributes to the conservation steps of the park. Conducted under the guidance of well-trained and expert mahouts, elephant safaris also ensures maximum safety, fun and excitement to the visitors.

Elephant Safari
Image Credit : Peter Davis

Timings:  Elephant safaris are conducted twice in a day; 06:00 – 08:00 in the morning and 03:00 – 05:00 in the evening; timing is applicable for both summer and winter.

Zones:  The popular zones for elephant safari are Bijrani and Dhikala.

NOTE: The safaris are conducted on the first come first serve basis and needs no prior booking.

How to book Corbett Safari Booking 

You Can book the safari on Govt website

You will get jim corbett national park safari permit for the available zones on your travel dates on this website.

You can book Jim Corbett national park packages with us and we have many options ranging from a single day to 3 days Jim Corbett park tour. We will keep posting other offers in Uttarakhand tour packages.

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